There are many trails options around Jonzac and its surrounding area, whether you want to go on physical or leisure walks in the countryside along vineyards and natural heritage, or have a blast mountain biking in the woods and pastures.



jonzac passerelle pont de pierre 715 CDCHS V.SabadelHikes around Jonzac


Numerous itineraries fit for any kind of activity are available: walks, jogs, family biking. The Tourist Information Centre provides maps outlining these itineraries.
"Balades Jonzacaises" is a set of 3 booklets each introducing 5 different itineraries in Jonzac and its immediate surroundings, at a price of €2 apiece. These itineraries rank from 3 to 8 km, and most of them start from Jonzac.

"Traversée de Jonzac" (Crossing through Jonzac) is an original route that uses the historical city and Seugne pathways. The 10km long course can be divided into several sections, which sometimes highlight built heritage, and other times natural sites gracing Jonzac. A map can be downloaded below.

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The Haute Saintonge Community of Communes has also released guides summing up the many marked circuits in the heart of the region. These guides are invitations to discover the Seugne valley and Cognac region with through 53 itineraries. 450km of paths spread through the beautiful Saintonge landscape,reminding in turn of Tuscany and bocages.


Health and fitness trails

3 trails travel through the Seugne Valley around les Antilles de Jonzac, the Leisure Park and "Bret's" watermill. These 1.7 to 2.7 km long promenades are sprinkled with lifestyle improvement tips on balanced diets and daily physical activities. The awareness spread through these trails contributes to the health education also dispensed at the Jonzac Thermal Baths.


During your stay in Jonzac you may join the following associations as they organise of outings throughout the years:

Jonzac Accueil : 05 46 48 01 60
Jonzac Rando : 05 46 48 22 92
Nordiquerando Jonzac : 06 73 31 48 33


Jonzac base de loisirs et vélos CDCHS V.SabadelBiking around Jonzac


Finally, bike lovers are not forgotten as there are 25 bike trails across the Haute-Saintonge area, adding up to atotal of 800km of demarcated trails. Each trail is clearly and concisely individually presented in a guide,sold €7.It has been elaborated in collaboration with the Regional Comity of Bicycle Touring.

Les Bouclettes de Haute-Saintonge

The Haute-Saintonge community of communes developed several bike ride trails suitable for all, especially families with children. These itineraries are available as free leaflets in Haute Saintonge Tourist Information Centres, and downloadable at:

3 of these itineraries take place around Jonzac

- Champagnac
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- Saint Simon
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- Guitinières
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For hours long rides or to move around Jonzac during your thermal therapy, bikes as well as electric bicycle can be rented at:
- SARL Jonzac Cycles – établissementsBlutteau – 05 46 48 04 39
- Épicerie du Pont – 05 46 48 52 65 – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


During your stay in Jonzac you may join the following associations as they organise of outings throughout the year:
Jonzac Cyclo: 05 46 48 29 47
Club VTT Jonzac: 06 08 96 68 12


Other itineraries, by foot and by bike, are available near Jonzac, notably at the Vitrezay harbour on the Gironde estuary, and at la Maison de la Vigne et des Saveurs (vines and savours house) for courses in the heart of the Cognac region or the greenery of La Maison de la Forêt (Forest house).


Pour les patients qui souhaitent aller plus loin dans leurs soins et ainsi cibler une pathologie spécifiques telle que l'insuffisance veineuse, pour les patients qui n'ont pas 3 semaines disponibles pour effectuer leurs soins, les thermes de Jonzac proposent différentes formules adaptées.

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