mail pons chateau des enigmes 613 CDCHS V.SabadelThere is no such thing as a dull tour at Le Château des Énigmes!

Indeed, an innovative is proposed to visitors here: to discover the splendid castle through a large-scale paper chase, with new themes regularly set up. During an almost 3 hours-long adventure, you will be brought to visit the castle and its grounds while having fun all along, and this edutaining outing can be enjoyed between friends and or families! Game courses are suited from children starting at the age of 4, and several difficulty levels are available to solve the final enigma so that children from all age are given the opportunity to rack their brains.


The Castle is open every day from Easter to All Saint's Day.

Additional information:
Château d'Usson, Route de Fléac, 17800 Pons
05 46 91 09 19 -


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