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Tèrra Aventura is inspired by a global game: geocaching

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Tèrra Aventura in Haute-Saintonge!

This is a treasure hunt that is practiced outdoors with a GPS. Boxes, called "caches", are hidden in nature. The goal is to discover the location of the cache, and the treasure it contains!
Tèrra Aventura is a playful version of geocaching. More than 400 courses of 5 km on average are available throughout the New Aquitaine region (Limousin, Poitou-charentes and Aquitaine), including more than 20 in Charentes & 3 in Haute-Saintonge: Jonzac, Pons and Pôle Nature de Vitrezay.

maisonénergiejonzac-CécileAndré03To heat the city using the ground's energy, such was the city's precursor idea of the 70's. For this purpose, the drilling of 65°C (149°F) water drawn at a depth of 1672 meters started in December 1979. The "Belle histoire de l'eau" (A Tale of Water) does however not end here; scientific studies will later recognise Jonzac's water health benefits, marking the beginning of the city's still growing thermal activities.

The arboretum of Jonzac

Arboretum du mail de seugne to jonzac

First, Arboretum means “a place where trees, shrubs, and herbaceous plants are cultivated for scientific and educational purposes » (definition from Merriam Webster)

jonzac aeroclub montgolfières 829 CDCHS V.Sabadel

Jonzac has a flying club that offers hot air balloon flights. These flights are an opportunity to fly over the cognac vineyards, admire la verte vallée de la Seugne, see the Gironde estuary or have breathtaking views of the Romanesque churches and properties along the Haute-Saintonge.

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